Our first traditional Vietnamese portraits...

...and our breaths were completely taken away!! Huy and Kaylee contacted us to get engagement portraits taken in Western outfits as well as their traditional Vietnamese wedding attire. We had NO idea what to expect, and we certainly were blown away!!

When Huy and Kaylee showed up at St. Anthony Main in their first outfit, we were obsessed with how well it coordinated with the nearby architecture and had a classic elegance that popped beautifully against the Minneapolis skyline and the Mississippi River.

But when they changed into their traditional attire?! Friends, we are not kidding you when we say our jaws were on the floor. The color, the detail, the structure - it was every photographer's dream, and we felt so incredibly lucky to be chosen to capture it!!

Huy and Kaylee are such a sweet couple, and it was an absolute joy getting to watch them interact both on and off camera. Even walking from place to place, Huy had his arm around Kaylee's waist or his hand in hers - we just wanted to melt!

We are so excited to share these photos on the blog - we hope you enjoy them!

Huy and Kaylee - thank you so much for trusting us to capture these special photos for you! :)

Thanks for scrolling!