About Yellow Glasses Photography

let's get to know each other

We're Allison and Vikram

We're photographers, we're married, and we know a thing or two about a great love story (read ours below!), which is why we're so passionate about telling the beautiful, magical, one-of-a-kind love stories of each of our clients.

We like to think we're pretty cool and fun to hang out with (our son is still too young to disagree), which is actually an incredibly important part of choosing a photographer! Check out the rest of this page to get to know us a little bit better.

The Team

Allison Verma

Lead photographer and Owner

Allison was a cheerleader in high school, and she continues that legacy though her bubbly personality and by cheering her clients on from behind the camera. She's genuinely thrilled by capturing your natural beauty, she can't help but be your number one hype girl!

Allison has a great eye for styling, and she especially loves putting together beautiful flat lays on wedding days to showcase all of your special, personal details.

Vikram Verma

Lead photographer and owner

Vikram loves to smile, laugh, and have a fun time while photographing. His energy is contagious and gets some of the best smiles out of our clients!

Vikram is fantastic at capturing the littlest details in the most striking way. He also loves to utilize his creativity to try new poses, experiment with new angles, and try things that haven't been done before.

A whirlwind romance

Our Love Story

The year was 2013; Vikram had just moved across the world from India to Minneapolis for work, and Allison had stumbled upon a fun outlet for her love of Bollywood and Indian culture: Bollywood Dance Scene, or BDS. We didn't meet yet, but the wheels of fate had already begun turning.

In the spring of 2014, Allison was persuaded to try out for a play that BDS was putting on, and ended up being cast as a bubbly Indophile - not unlike herself in real life - who travels to India. In the meantime, Vikram was scouted and cast as a goofy, flirty Indian - not unlike himself in real life - who falls in love with the bubbly Indophile. Can you see where this is going? :)

Rehearsals began, and we officially met. We spent the majority of our summer evenings together either rehearsing our flirtatious story arc, practicing our dance numbers together, or both. It wasn't long before the romance translated offstage, and as soon as the play was over we went on our first official date.

Our characters flirting during the play in 2014

Once we started dating, things started moving FAST. Because of Vikram's age and the custom of arranged marriage in his culture, we found ourselves talking marriage within two months of dating! We got the go-ahead from our families and the following spring, Allison was completely blindsided by an enormous flash mob proposal that was Bollywood in every sense of the word!

Although we had known each other for less than a year at that point, we jetted off to India to get married in a traditional Sikh ceremony in April 2015, then came back and had an Indo-American fusion wedding later that year. Both of our weddings were so beautiful yet SO different, but they were each perfect in their own way. We often joke with each other about getting married a third time - as if we're not already super-married enough :)

Our Indian wedding in Patiala, Punjab.

Our American wedding in Minneapolis, MN. Photo by Eivan's.

Are we photographers because we got married one too many times and caught the wedding bug? We suppose it's possible! Whatever the case, we've grown such a love and fondness for weddings, romance, and quite simply LOVE, which is why we adore what we do so much! We hope you enjoyed hearing our love story, and we can't wait to hear yours!

Our Favorite Things
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Our Son, Jasper

Being parents is our biggest joy ever, and watching our sweet boy grow has been the most bittersweet rollercoaster we've ever been on. Jasper is so incredibly smart, sensitive, thoughtful, friendly, giving...we could go on and on and on! He is obsessed with every vehicle on earth, and he loves to snuggle on the couch - what more could we ask for?? He's our biggest love, and if you met him we guarantee you'd love him too.

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Behind the Name

Why "Yellow Glasses"?

It’s because of Vikram’s actual yellow glasses! Ever since we met, his bright yellow glasses have been a staple of our relationship and signify our approach to photography: bright, joyful, and timeless (well, at least we think so!). He actually lost his original yellow glasses a few years ago, shortly after we chose the name, and we had to scramble to find another pair!