Sometimes clients become friends...

...but other times, it goes the other way and friends become clients! Jeanette and Allison have been friends since college, so you can imagine how honored we were when she and Justin chose us to capture one of the biggest days of their lives!! They have a beautiful wedding planned for 2024, and we couldn't be more excited to capture it!

For their engagement session, Jeanette and Justin were hoping to capture some spring blooms - and we knew just the place! We headed over to the Lyndale Park Rose Garden in Minneapolis on what was probably the first nice day of the entire year - meaning the entire place was packed with people enjoying picnics, playing games, and doing photo shoots! We did our best to maximize the amount of flowers and minimize the number of people in each photo, and the people that we weren't able to avoid were removed with the help of the new Photoshop Generative Fill AI feature; can you tell which photos we removed people from??

Jeanette and Justin are such a sweet couple, and they way they look at each other just melts our hearts. We love the way they styled their outfits to complement one another, and we are in love with how their engagement collection turned out! Now we can't wait until the big day :)

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