Surrounded by fiery foliage...

Even though the cool fall weather tends to stick around Minnesota for a few months, give or take, there’s really only a few days when the fall foliage is at its most beautiful. We were so lucky that Arpita and Anup’s family session happened to coincide, because these fiery yellow leaves take the collection to a whole other level!

Arpita and Anup are good friends of ours, and we were so honored when they asked us to capture their family photos with their adorable son. They prepped so well, from outfits to bringing a few key props that made all the difference: their son’s bike was a classic, simple addition that also made their son feel more comfortable, and bubbles added a whimsical element and lots of giggles from the whole family!

Take a look at this adorable family session and get some ideas for a session of your own!

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