Make the most of your vacation memories!

For most adults with young (or not-so-young) kids, going somewhere often turns into more of a "trip" and less of a "vacation" - meaning you end up needing a break from the break once you get back! Between all the logistics, reservations, packing, meals, and temperaments, there's a lot to consider when traveling. Even so, one of the most lasting elements of time away are the memories you make and the photos you take - and we want to help you take the most beautiful photos with the least amount of effort! Here are three tips that we personally use and you can, too - even if you're just using your phone!!

All of these photos are from our recent family vacation to South Padre Island, Texas. Check out our tips in action!

01 | Coordinate Outfits

This sounds scary and overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be! Doing just a bit of work upfront can yield amazing results in the long run! When packing your clothes, we suggest choosing items that are simple, a solid color, and timeless. We personally pack a limited color palette so that no matter when we take photos, we always look cohesive and our outfits aren't distracting. You don't go on vacation every day, so why dress like it? Grab your nicer, newer, camera-ready attire since the camera is way more likely to come out during these few days than it is during a regular day back home!

If all else fails, at least coordinate one outfit that can double as a "nice meal" outfit - it never hurts to have one of those and you won't regret it when you look back on your photos!

02 | Schedule It In

If you want to ensure that you get some nice photos from your trip, the best way to do this is to add a dedicated "photo time" into your schedule - even just 20-30 minutes! We suggest combining this with another activity for everyone to look forward to, like a special meal or treat! This gives extra mileage to your coordinated looks, in case someone (usually kids) aren't completely on board.

For most of the photos you see in this post, we saw a beautiful sunrise and decided to throw on our clothes and run outside for some family pics in the early morning. The light was a bit bright and harsh, but the timing worked well for us, the kids were in a great mood, it was one of the few sunny times during our stay so we knew we had to make the most of it. One of the biggest things to remember is: done is better than perfect. If we had waited for "perfect" lighting or conditions, we may never have gotten our photos!

03 | Embrace Imperfection

Having perfectly posed family photos is an absolute dream, and sometimes it's best to leave it as that - a dream. You know your family's temperaments and patience levels better than anyone, so be realistic about the types of photos you'll be able to capture. Sometimes the most magical moments are the ones that aren't staged at all. We suggest capturing lots of movement, natural smiles, and imperfect images that will feel more perfect and magical when you look back on them.

04 | Capture the Experience

We always think of photographing our families as the most important part of the trip, but don't forget to widen your lens - literally and figuratively - to capture the experience as well! Imagine you're working for a magazine and snap photos of where you'e staying, what you're eating and doing, and any small details that you think you might want to remember. Your family doesn't need to be in every photo you take, and it's actually really nice to have a variety of photo types to break things up and to fully tell the story of your vacation.

05 | Consider Black and White

There's no other way to say it: some photos just look better in black and white! We personally are VERY into black and whites for their timeless and emotional qualities, and we always incorporate black and whites into our galleries for a bit of variety and to highlight different things. For example, beach waves in color are beautiful and evoke tropical vibes, but turning that photo black and white can highlight the sea foam and the way the light dances in the water. Black and white is also great for those times that outfits are a bit loud so you can focus on the people rather than the clothing!

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Have you implemented any of these tips into your vacation? Are you planning to try some on your next vacay? We sure hope so!

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