We say this a lot...

...but we really mean it when we say that this was a very special shoot. Maggie and Allison met when they were in kindergarten, and have remained close friends throughout the years despite not going to the same middle school…or high school…or college…or really anything! Which truly speaks volumes to the type of person Maggie is – the epitome of a good friend.

Our photo shoot was a breeze, and not just because of the gorgeously balmy weather. Maggie and Dan were up for anything, and the way they look at each other meant that nearly every shot was a winner. We can’t wait for their daughter to look at these photos one day and see how much her parents love each other and how much they’ve loved her since the very beginning. 

We already feel so lucky for this little girl, because her parents were clearly meant to be just that. They each have such a solid foundation as fantastic people individually, and their relationship with one another will be such a gift to their daughter to witness as she grows. 

Thank you Maggie and Dan for allowing us to capture this special time in your lives. We can’t wait to meet this sweet little girl and watch you blossom into the amazing parents you’ll undoubtedly be. We love you so much!

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